New cubicles are a dream.

After working in a nonprofit for the past three years, and then this year getting new office furniture for the first time ever, it makes you feel like you’ve won the lottery or you are making a lot more money each year than you actually are.  Obviously there is a bit of hyperbole here, but it is totally the truth and it feels very nice to work for a nonprofit that is willing to get you and your colleagues new cubicles and office furnitureThey will not only think higher of themselves and the organization, but they will be willing to work just that little bit harder to get all of the necessary tasks achieved.  It is amazing what happens when you treat employees well.

office cubiclesNevertheless, there is also a lot of thought that goes into the types of office furniture that are acquired.  One of the new directions that a number of offices are moving in is toward an open office environment.  An open office environment is quite different because it is an opportunity to shed all of the walls, literally, that restrict people and their conversations and pull them into an open environment.  It is less about trying to get rid of privacy and more having to do with the fact that it encourages increased conversation among employees and that is a great thing for all of the people that work in that office.  It makes a lot of sense for an organization that may be concerned with silos forming between different departments. That is why many companies are starting to utilize the low walled cubicles in their offices. It almost forces the employees to talk more with each other and this is a really positive thing for all of the people that work there.

It is a great way for a company to enhance the product that it puts out on the field.  It works out really well for the employees as well. It makes a lot of sense for the bottom line of the company.  The company will be able to encourage more team building and if that is what transpires among the people that work at the company, there is a good chance that they would be more loyal to the company itself and they will be able to impact the bottom line to a much great extent.

There are tons of ways that you can impact the bottom line of your company and one of the best ways is through the utilization of a specific set of cubes.  They change how people interact and they will ultimately make your company more money.  There are many different cubicle purveyors out there and you can form a relationship with them and possible get a lot more discounts on the office furniture in the future.  It makes sense for you and for your bottom line, so what are you waiting for? Get in to some of the office furniture show rooms to see how they can impact you and your employees.

Finding the right cubicle wall contractor for your business needs

If you are a home owner, you have probably had to choose a contractor to do some work on your home at one point or another. If you have not, you undoubtedly will in the future. If you are a business owner or otherwise manage or operate an office setting, you will probably have to deal with contractors in your professional space as well. In fact, you are probably not allowed to do any work yourself in the office setting, depending on the agreement with management. That means any work or renovating that needs to be done needs to be contracted out, and this can be a difficult and time consuming process for even the most organized, well intentioned office manager. There are a few things to think about if find yourself in this situation to help mitigate high costs, long time frames, and general office disruption.

  1. Price is always the first thing at the top of everyone’s list. The cost of the renovation does matter, but when taken in partnership with some of the other items on this list it might not matter as much as you think it does. If more money means the difference between office partitionssix months’ worth of work and two months’ worth of work, it is likely worth the extra money to not put out your employees for longer than necessary.
  2. Telework: Do your employees have what they need to telework during what might be a complete office shutdown, depending on the type of renovation? If they do not, you might need to consider investing in it, or only doing a partial renovation one section of the office at a time.
  3. General renovation need: Are you purchasing cubicle walls from a vendor such as MacBride Office Furniture? Perhaps you had cubicles and need new ones, or need cubicles that are a different height. Possibly you have heard about the latest research in workplace satisfaction and discovered that employees actually like having open floor plans and equal access to everyone. This will be particular to your office, again, but is definitely worth doing some serious research into what it is you are looking for.
  4. Finding a contractor or vendor with a good reputation and excellent references for prior work can help take you a long way towards peace of mind about renovating an office. If you can see examples of previous work or speak to managers or offices that have had direct interactions with them and they have positive things to say, that is something that cannot be overstated.

There are many different ways to go about finding the right cubicle wall contractor for you and your business, and these are just a few of them. They apply almost universally to all contractors, with the exception of the telework piece, so if you ever need a contractor for home purposes items one, three, and four are still helpful guides to finding the right one of those as well. They will not solve every problem or answer every question, but they will get you a good chunk of the way.

Choose MacBride for your aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly cubicle walls.

When I was younger, I never thought much about office furniture for obvious reasons. I mean, my step sister and I would play lawyer and secretary and would act out like we were adults in which case we loved playing on the office furniture at home. We never sat in cubicleany thing long enough to notice long lasting comfort, and you can be that the office furniture that was at our house was definitely not the best office furniture or anything new, but something that was brought home out of good long use. We definitely had a good time spinning around madly in those chairs like we were on a merry go round and then one time the top of the chair separated from the bottom and my sister was thrown off the chair, onto the ground and rolled for a minute. I laughed heartily and then got into a good chunk of trouble because of it.

Altogether, whatever kind of office furniture you are looking for, finding quality office furniture is extremely important, not just so you don’t get thrown out of a chair, not that you’ll be spinning round and round, but also because you spend hours and hours in your office space and you are going to want to have things like cubicle walls that are sturdy and useful for your office space. When you are in an office space all day long, you want to make sure it is an office space that brings you some joy and that can be derived simply from having office furniture that is aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. MacBride offers new and used office furniture that does just that: makes your traditional cubicle a little bit more glamourous and also takes into consideration the effects that mass production can have on the environment.

Going back to my very first point, having office furniture that is comfortable is quite possibly the most important factor to consider. You want to make sure that you are taking good care of your body as best you can. MacBride makes it easy for you to find comfortable furniture and also allows you the opportunity to take care of your body while you are at the office working long hours. For example, my father didn’t consider buying a chair for his office that would offer his body the proper support and he had to create a new system that he built himself that lowered his mouse down lower than his desk to off balance the way his chair was supporting his lower back. When you choose MacBride, you won’t have to skimp on finding furniture that makes your body feel great and also looks awesome. You will be able to find things that work for you, your office, your checkbook and the environment. Taking all of this into consideration, why would any choose anything other than MacBride with their impeccable taste and their unique and visionary commercial design? So call MacBride today to see what they have to offer you.

I used to love my cubicle.

After I graduated from college, I had kind of a tough time finding a job.  This was due to a combination of me thinking that people were going to recruit me (I now realize how egotistical and unrealistic this really was) and the job market.  There just wasn’t a lot out there for what I was looking.  I generally wanted to work for a nonprofit that did either international development or work with a human services nonprofit.  By the time that I finally found a job, it was in neither.  I wound up working for a school board campaign, knocking on doors and trying to find people that may have held an interest in contributing to the campaign.  It was not the most fun that I have ever had, but I thought that it would be worthwhile.  As it turned out, I really enjoyed what I did and I was able to start an understanding of some of the most pressing issues that my community is facing.  Nevertheless, as all political campaigns go, it did not last long.  By November, I was out of a job and on the market again.  I got one or two nibbles here and there, but for the most part, I was really having difficulty finding something.  I even had a job interview that last for six interviews and salary negotiations before they pulled the plug on me.  Nevertheless, the job finally came at my current organization.

I remember walking in and up to my cubicle on the first day.  It was nicely decorated to welcome me to my new job and I was thrilled to be there.  Of course, I had no idea what I was doing, so I faked it. Nevertheless, I was still on my way up and up and with that I began working at this nonprofit.  After getting settled on my first day, I actually did something kind of different to my cubicle.  I asked to see if I could utilize the office partitions and raise my desk to make it a standing desk.  I was kind of blown away when they agreed to do it and I haven’t changed it since.  I really do enjoy standing because it allows for me to develop my muscles and burn more calories throughout the day.  That and the fact that sitting all day will actually kill you.  It really will, so I do my best to stand whenever I can.


Nevertheless, the thing that I started to really appreciate about cubicles was the fact that they could be adjusted with ease.  It did not take long for anyone else in the organization to catch on and soon there were no less than six other guys in the organization that moved to standing desks as well.  For me, I could not think about going back to a normal sitting desk.  It makes me more productive and healthier to stand, so I am fighting as much as I can against any changes to the status quo.

You Should Hire a Commercial Design Company to Help You Lay Out Your Office.

commercial designWhen preparing to move your business into a new space, there are many factors to think about.  You need to know exactly what you will need to do in your new space.  This will help you decide how much space you need.  If you live in a larger city, office space can be incredibly expensive to rent.  In order to not waste your money, you need to get the maximum amount of use out of your space.  To do this, you should hire a commercial design company to help you lay out your office.  Commercial design specialists can determine the best ways to utilize a given space.  Not only that, they often can provide the furniture and other materials needed to complete your office.  This makes things a lot easier, since you can buy the furniture from the same people who set it up for you.  This can save you money, as well.  As with anything else, it is important to be selective.  There are many ways in which office furniture can be sub-par.  When it comes to office chairs, the worst problem is the fact that many are uncomfortable and are bad for the spine and posture.  Sitting for hours on end in an uncomfortable chair will increase your stress level, which reduces your level of productivity, among many other things.  You can avoid subjecting your employees to this sort of discomfort by purchasing comfortable office chairs that promote good posture.  They can still be obtained for very reasonable prices, and they will inevitably increase productivity, as your employees will be comfortable and able to focus better.  One of the biggest ways in which a commercial design company can help you, though, is by arranging your office partitions.  As a matter of fact, they can both arrange and supply your office partitions.  It is easy to assume that all office partitions are identical, but that is simply not the case.  Some office partitions are very short and barely com up to desk-level, while others are five or even six feet tall.  Though short office partitions are popular among offices, these days, you may want to go with the classic tall partitions, instead.  Taller partitions ensure that every employee has the maximum amount of privacy and solitude that is possible in a cubicle.  If the partitions are too short or too flimsy, it is easy to get distracted by what is going on around you.  Similarly, if the partitions are very unpleasant to look at, your employees will be more unhappy.  Certain colors promote productivity and calmness.  You may want to select those colors for your partition.  Also, ideally, your office partitions should be fairly durable and long-lasting.  It is important to make sure that your office partitions and other office furniture are made by reputable manufacturers.  It is often best to get them from the commercial design company that is setting up your office.  They can help you select the best office partitions for the cubicles you are trying to install.

Commercial Design Companies are Experienced with Setting Up a Quality Office

When I started up my Bay Area based company, I knew that I was going to need to set up an office infrastructure to help serve my customers and clients. This was going to be no easy feat, as I had a long list of things I would need to accomplish in a short time. The first thing that I needed to do was find the proper space to set up an office. I wasn’t sure if it would be more cost efficient to rent a space or to buy one, but in the end I decided I would go with renting first. That way I would have a landlord who could handle various repairs that might come up and I wouldn’t have to complicate my life with all the upkeep that a landlord would typically provide. I found the perfect place for my office and then I went about looking for a commercial design company that could help me with setting up the interior. I know how important it is to have an attractive office space. In my previous experience working at various offices, the productivity was always highest in the offices that had a more attractive design.

I found the perfect company to help me in this endeavor in MacBride Office Furniture. They are a Sunnyvale based company that has many solutions for office supply needs, such as cubicles, chairs, desks, and other various furniture supplies. With their help I was able to reduce the cost of setting up my space, as they helped me find used office furniture that was in good condition and would last a long time. They advised me that having ergonomically designed office furniture would be the best option, as it would reduce any kind of discomfort that workers often experience while sitting at a desk all day. This would also prevent injuries that can have a diminishing effect on productivity, such as carpel tunnel syndrome.

The best part about working with this company was the high level of customer service that they provided throughout the experience. They knew that I was new to all this, so they were very detailed in their explanations of what type of equipment I would need and why it would benefit my workers’ productivity. They helped me select cubicle walls that were just the perfect size; they weren’t so short that my workers would be distracted with excessive socializing, but they also weren’t so tall that my workers felt like they were in a cell devoid of any outside contact.

In the future, I will attempt to purchase my own office space and move away from renting properties. This will help me save money and better manage my space to my own specifications. When I finally make enough money with my business and can make this dream a reality, I will be sure to go back to MacBride Office Furniture for help designing my new office. They’ve done so well in the past that I am sure they will continue to impress me.

Green commercial design

Green commercial design is taking the office world by storm .  The idea that the choices a company makes in terms of what kind of furniture they buy and where they buy it from relates to saving the world from spinning out of control into oblivion is a new one.  But, with a new generation taking control of key positions in the corporate world.  If you are looking to redo design your workspace, make sure that the person you are buying from has a stated green strategy on their website.  MacBride Furniture, for example, has a policy listed on their website, which overviews their stance on going green.  They support Sustainable Furniture Council, and the United States Green Building Council.  They also follow the tenants of reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Their strategies maximize energy savings, minimize carbon emissions, and improve environmental quality.  But the ideas behind green thinking aren’t something that you can go out and just buy.  Think about the benefits, not only in sustainability but also in cost savings, of using previously used furniture, cubicle walls, lighting structures, and office essentials when trying to redo your office.  There are often sales in most metropolitan areas where previously used office infrastructure is sold for pennies on the dollars.  While it would be wise to consult with a professional about the aesthetic and culture you are going for when buying used materials, doing so will prove to your clients and your employees that you and the company are committed to going green.

MacBride Office Furniture provided office partitions for new office building

Recently the company that I work for decided to expand their office spaces. In the original building, the offices  were actually a part of the structure of the building. All of the offices were very nice, but there were just a limited number of them to go around to all the staff members of the management team. As more and more people were coming on board, it was clear that we needed more office spaces, but with the way the building was set up, there was no way we could really set up cubicles or anything.

The first thing that we looked for in the new building was enough open space so that we could use office partitions to break up the office into cubicle spaces. We also had to make sure that we had enough room to give cubicles to all of the employees that were in need of their own workspace. Eventually, we were able to find the perfect building conveniently located near by to the original building. All we had to do was find a company to supply the cubical partitions.

After a bit of research, we found a company called MacBride Office Furniture, and they had everything we needed. They took the dimensions of all the available open space in the building, and, using the number of employees that would be housed in that building, calculated the size of the cubicles we should have for the optimal use of space. They delivered the partitions right to the building, and even set up the cubicles for us. We will definitely be using them in the future.


Coffee Stain Cube Walls

I am so glad that our office manager advocated for new cubicle walls. I am not sure what the people did before we worked here but they sure were pretty clumsy or did not like their coffee. If the office was still supplying the coffee we are drinking now, I can understand why they may have thrown it all on our cubicle walls. Well, when I moved to my space, it was not as clean as you may have thought. Sure it was cleaned before I got there, but there were so many stains, which I am assuming are coffee stains on the walls. As I got to meet other people and walked around my area, I saw it was not just my cubicle walls that were dirty but other people had the same issue. It just did not look great or professional. It just seemed like we were sloppy and do not take care of our office space. I know when I go to meetings at other companies, I am impressed by the look and feel of their space. We kind of have an eighties tan, off white and grungy feel to it. Well, I brought it up in a feedback meeting with the office manager, and he actually agreed with me. It became his main priority to see if we can replace the cubicles or just even the wall. I was surprised to hear back so soon that senior management gave the okay to go ahead and order new walls, and in some instances all new cubes or desks.